Emily Glinick believes that wellness is a journey, not a destination. The path towards true health encompasses your physical, mental and social selves, and lies in finding balance between them.

Rather than considering herself a ‘healer’, Emily believes that she is a catalyst for change and a conduit for her patients’ healing. The body itself is the healer, and the practitioner guides the journey. Her approach to massage and bodywork is therefore a collaborative process, a joint undertaking by therapist and patient. She specializes in offering a customized approach to achieving wellness that encourages patient education, awareness and self-care.

Emily’s approach is holistic, meaning that she blends a broad range of modalities into her own comprehensive style, one that continually develops as she grows as a therapist. By utilizing both Western therapeutic techniques and Eastern bodywork, she offers the best of both worlds to her patients. Each treatment is therefore a customized experience that is completely patient-centered, enhanced by her wide variety of techniques.

Personal Mission:

  • to humbly assist my patients on their journey towards wellness
  • to spread positivity through caring, intuitive touch
  • to treat each individual according to their specific needs
  • to work with people of all backgrounds and abilities
  • to continually expand my skills through continuing education, workshops and conferences
  • to inform my clients and the community about the benefits of bodywork and self-care practices
  • to be a guiding example for my clients and colleagues

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